Live Wires: ProgSheet [2005]

Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius – Live Wires (D-Zone Entertainment)

Live fusion hot as a habenero! These guys kick major colon! The feel is Jeff Beck meets Takanaka with a hint of Dregs – hot rockin’ jazz fusion that never lets up. Deninzon is wicked on electric violin – his fingers are on fire! Jake Ezra matches him note for note on guitar, and the rhythm section of Ron Baron on bass & drummer Lucianna Padmore are twin firecrackers. There are a few “jam band” elements here, but never to a point of annoyance.

I was enthralled by their reinventing of The Simpson’s theme and a cool cover of Frank Zappa’s “Magic Fingers” from the “2000 Motels” soundtrack. Deninzon originals like “What’s That Thang” and “An Evening Nap In The Afternoon Sun” are tasty, tasty fusion. While not in the prog realm, if your tastes run to “Blow By Blow” era Jeff Beck, Weather Report, or Steve Vai, you’ll find “Live Wires” has much to offer.