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Sheet Music

Guilty of Innocence (2017)

The Next World (2012)

Headspace (2007)

Fiddletrip Funk DVD (2005)

Live Wires (2004)

Adventures of Stratospheerius (2002)

Electric Blue (1998)

Plugging In (2012)

Are you a violinist who is curious about “going electric” but have no idea where to begin? This book will walk you through the process of choosing an electric violin, shopping for an amplifier, and using effects pedals. The book also covers improvisation in the genres of blues, rock, and funk. Chopping and other rhythmic techniques for bowed string instruments are explored, as well as playing in a band, rock string arranging and working with DJs. Plugging In will open new worlds of creativity for you as a string player and help you find your own voice in this brave new world!

What’s That Thang? (2017)

This one is not for the meek, but will certainly impress your audience! In a “swunk” style, a combination of swing and funk, the quartet is featured individually with written out solos for all (of course you can improvise your own, with changes in the parts).