Stratospheerius News Summer 2024



After 6 years of writing, recording, mixing, and mastering, the new Stratospheerius album is FINALLY done! The album will be titled “Impostor!” We are looking at October 11th as the official release date.

Yeah, I know what you’re gonna say. “Impostor” sounds a bit familiar… we did release some singles from this album in the past few years. They’ve been floating around. But the songs have been remixed and remastered, and there’s a whole other side of the album you have NOT heard that will blow your mind! Standby for pre-save and pre-order links in the coming months..


We are honored to have just inked a deal with 7D media, the record label owned by Trey Gunn from King Crimson and AJ Chippera. After a few months of deliberating, comparing options from a few different labels, we have decided to move forward with 7D and are excited about our new collaboration!

We are eternally grateful to our dear friend Nick Katona and his label, Melodic Revolution Records, for everything he and his team have done for the band. Our back catalogue is still available on and our friendship and collaboration on our back catalogue will continue.


Three weeks ago, we filmed the video for our upcoming single off the new album, titled “Outrage Olympics.” We had a blast filming at Alpha Wave Studios in Whippany, NJ and The Art Factory in Paterson, NJ! The song is a rant against cancel culture, and the visual motifs in the video include a LOT of creepy eyeballs, drones, surveillance cameras, us being chased around by drones (running around like the Beatles in the movie “Help!”), and some killer performance footage. The video and single will come out a month ahead of the album’s release date, and we can’t wait for you to experience it!

Big thank you to Dave Silver, Dave Milone, and the whole crew at Alpha Wave. Thanks to our director, David Levin, photographer Jody Gianni, Bella Gianni, Mike Polese, Bob Konig, and everyone who helped out.

Here are some photos from the shoot:


Stratospheerius returns to

Kennett Flash


Doors: 6pm / Show: 7pm

$25 all tickets | $5 BYOB

The Kennett Flash is proud to present JOE DENINZON(violinist from KANSAS) & STRATOSPHEERIUS with special guest TIM MOTZER!

Stratospheerius with Beledo Trio

Friday, June 28th

Stratospheerius with Beledo Trio


39 Hamilton St, Southbridge, MA 01550, United States

Doors: 6pm / Show: 7pm

Tickets: $20

Guitrist/composer Beledo was born in Montevideo Uruguay.

He began formal music and piano study at age six.
Versed in classical theory, composition and technique, adept in the traditional styles of his birthplace, drawing inspiration from vast and diverse modern musical forms, Beledo has earned his place among the most sophisticated, versatile, and gifted artists of our time!

Kansas Tour Carries On!

The Kansas 50th Anniversary tour continues into December of 2024! Due to numerous sold-out shows and overwhelming demand, the band has added a third leg to the tour! You can see all the tour dates at

As of this writing, I have just played my 70th show with this legendary band. About to start a much-needed break before we start up again. During the summer, we are taking a break from the 50th Anniversary set and playing shows with the “Classics” set list, which includes songs that we have not performed on the current tour.

Here are some pics from recent concerts. What a ride it has been! I’m SO honored to work with these incredible people. From my bandmates to the management and crew, this is a very special family and I’m pinching myself every day that I get to work with them!

Mark Wood Rock Orchestra Camp

15th Anniversary! July 7th-13th

As most of you know, teaching is a big passion of mine. I’m honored to be returning once again to teach and perform at the Mark Wood Rock Orchestra Camp/Music Festival! Mark is the inventor of the Flying V 7-string fretted violins I play, a groundbreaking performer and educator, and a good friend. This will be the camp’s 15th Anniversary and my 14th year working there. Every July, a bunch of us electric string nerds get together in Olathe, KS, rock out and share our wisdom! I have gotten to know some amazing kids who grow up attending this camp and are now enjoying successful careers in music! Among them, Mia Asano, Razz Vio, Lydia Gentry, Kat Lines, and many others. It’s great to hang and play with my colleagues and friends, Matt Bell, Tracy Silverman, Chuck Bontrager, Greg Byers, Patrice Jackson, and more…!

This year, I’m gonna be teaching Rock String Arranging, Soloing, and how to Play & Sing at the Same time. I also may be performing my entire electric violin concerto with Ableton wizard/producer Cole Sipe!

If you’re a string player, guitarist, bassist, keyboard player, or singer, sign up at

Frame by Frame & BEAT

There is quite a bit of King Crimson in my life. Having just signed a deal with Trey Gunn’s label, 7D. Stratospheerius performed a cover of “Frame by Frame” on our live blu-ray, ‘Behind the Curtain: Live at ProgStock.” Plus, the studio version of that cover will be featured on our new album. With Adrien Belew touring with BEAT, performing 80’s Crimson this fall, I thought it apropos to share our version fo this classic song. Here’s the video from the live album. You can order the full live box set HERE:

Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius Frame by Frame (Live at Progstock)

In case you don’t know, I started a Patreon page a few years back. I haven’t been promoting it aggressively enough, but I wanted to share it with you once again. At the base tier of $5 per month, you get “Gig Diaries.” Monthly stories I share from my quarter century as a freelance musician in New York. Stories you wouldn’t believe that someday I plan to turn into a book. Other perks include monthly downloads of unreleased bootleg material, zoom concerts and lessons, free signed swag, free show tickets and MORE!

Check it out and please consider becoming a member.

Stratospheerius News Winter 2023

Season’s Greetings!


JD & Stratos Holiday sale!

For a limited time, visit the
Stratospheerius BANDCAMP
use code “HOHOHO” and get 20 percent off of ANYTHING now until the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. That includes music, mugs, books, and t-shirts!
Happy Holidays, everyone!

Behind the Curtain (Live at Progstock) makes a great stocking stuffer!

Joe Deninzon-electric violin, lead vocals
Paul Ranieri-bass
Jason Gianni-drums
Michelangelo Quirinale-guitar
Friday, December 15th
Stratospheerius opening for the Levin Brothers
Sellersville Theater
24 W Temple Ave, Sellersville, PA 18960

Saturday, December 16th
A Night of Prog with Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius, Ad Astra,
and Seven Vs. Never

Hot off the heels of his tour as the new Kansas violinist, Joe Deninzon is bringing his band Stratospheerius to Long Island, appearing with two of the area’s hottest Prog/Fusion bands, Ad Astra and Seven Vs Never.

8:00 Ad Astra
9:15 Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius
10:30 Seven Vs. Never


Stratospheerius News Spring 2023

Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius News SPRING 2023

Happy Spring, beautiful people!

We are psyched, overwhelmed with giddiness and excitement to share with you the official release of the new Stratospheerius double LIVE CD/DVD/BLU RAY: “Behind the Curtain (Live at ProgStock)!” We have almost 2 hrs of music taken from our 2019 and 2021 performance at our favorite music festival, ProgStock in Rahway, NJ. During the pandemic, I learned to edit videos, and this baby was. LOT of editing! The world changed during the pandemic, and these performances are a snapshot of where we were before, and after the world turned upside down. The 2021 performance features guest appearances by our good friend Alex Skolnick (guitarist from Testament and former guitarist from Stratospheerius) and Rachel Flowers , the blind multi-instrumental genius, who joins us on piano and flute. All these performances were completely spontaneous with little or no rehearsal, and we were able to capture lightning in a bottle! We want to thank our mixing engineer, Matt Vanacoro, mastering engineer Dave Kerzner, assistant editor David P. Levin, Melodic Revolution Records president Nick Katona, our manager Anne Leighton, and our graphics designer/DVD author Joel Barrios, for countless hours that they devoted to this project. Big thank you to Tom Palmieri and Ann Rinaldi for creating the festival and keeping it alive, and for all the volunteers who work there! This is the culmination of three years of work, and we’re very proud of it and can’t wait to share it with you! The official release date is May 19th! But you can pre-order it if you click on the graphic below!

Celebrate the CD Release with us on May 31st at the Iridium NYC!

Join us on Wednesday, May 31st for our live CD/DVD release party at NYC’s greatest rock/jazz/fusion venue, The Iridium!
Opening the night will be our good friend and longtime collaborator, guitarist/singer/songwriter Randy McStine from Porcupine Tree.
And joining us on stage will be our 5th member, keyboardist/vocalist Bill Hubauer, best known for his work with Neal Morse and his. band, “We Came from Space.”


Here are two of our favorite videos from the upcoming live release; “Game of Chicken,” and “Spain (Feat. Rachel Flowers & Alex Skolnick.”


Indiegogo THANK YOU!

Our Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the new Stratospheerius live and studio albums is officially over. We have surpassed our goal of raising $10k, and have had over 150 contributors from all over the United States, Canada, Germany, the UK, Belgium, and France! We are extremely grateful and humbled by the outpouring of support! If you are among the contributors, please know that we are in the process of organizing all the perks and will get them to you before the end of the month! Thank you for your patience an your support!

Have a great spring and I hope to see you soon!


Love, Joe, Jason, Paul, and Michelangelo

Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius Spring 2022 News

 Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius Spring  2022 News

Hey, everyone. Happy Spring!

While I look forward to all the super cool performances, recordings, and other projects awaiting me in the coming months, I write this with a heavy heart. My family is from Russia. My grandparents and their ancestors on my father’s side were from Ukraine. We have many close friends from the Ukraine. Our hearts are breaking for the unprovoked invasion by the tyrant Putin and the unbelievable hardships the people of Ukraine are going through. We pray for peace and a swift end to this terrible war, for Putin to be removed from of power and punished for war crimes, and the Ukraine to be rebuilt and restored to the thriving democracy it deserves to be. We are also concerned that ignorant people in the United States and other countries do not blame Russian immigrants living among them for the invasion. People have to realize that we escaped this country decades ago because we distrusted its government and couldn’t see a future for our kids there. Most Russians I know, even the ones living in Russia who can’t speak openly about it, condemn this invasion and despise the many who started it.

If you want to help people in Ukraine, a good thing to do is reserve an Air BNB. While you don’t plan on traveling and staying in the Ukraine, you are supporting the folks that own the Air BNB and helping them provide for their families.

You can also help by donating to the International Rescue Committee and other charitable organizations.

And now for the news…



The Stratospheerius double live DVD/CD is moving forward. Expected release date is sometime in September, in the meantime, we’re dropping singles every few months just to tease ya! The next one, “The Prism,” is due out on April 8th.

In the meantime, please check out our last SINGLE (the first single form this album) and video “Game of Chicken!”

Saturday, April 17th: performing at ROSfest (Sarasota, Fla)

Joe Deninzon performs at ROSfest (
ROSfest is one of the biggest progressive rock festivals in the world and takes place at the Sarasota Opera House
3 PM, I’ll be playing a solo set in the beer garden outside of the theater, as pat of the Minstrels in the Garden series.
8 PM, I’ll be on the main stage, performing with my friend keyboardist Dave Kerzner (Sound of Contact) and his all-star band, which includes:
Bill Sherwood-bass (Yes)
Fernando Perdomo-guitar (Jacob Dylan)
Durga McBroom-vocals (Pink Floyd)
Nick D’Virgilio-drums (Genesis, Spocks Beard, Big Big Train)

Stratospheerius is back on stage!!

We’ve been writing, recording, mixing, editing, and editing some more. But now, we are emerging from our musical manacles for a bit to perform for you all again! Two NY-area shows April 29th and May 12th.

Friday April 29th
9 PM-1 AM
Sonic Voyage Fest presents:
Brooklyn Raga Massive (celebrating the music of John McLaughlin, Mahavishnu Orchestra, and Shakti)
Joe Deninzon & Strastospheerius

118 N. Main St.
Nyack, NY

Thursday, May 12th
Electric Violin Summit with
One More Once feat John Dinklage (Rush)
Stratospheerius feat Joe Deninzon

Shrine World Music Venue
2271 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd

Alex Skolnick Interviews Yulia Ziskel on WQXR/”Moods and Modes” podcast

My wife, NY–Phil violinist Yulia Ziskel was recently interviewed by my old friend and former bandmate, legendary Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick for his awesome podcast, “Moods and Modes,” in conjunction with WQXR. The topic was “Heavy Classical,” turning rock and metal fans on to classical music and finding threads that connect the two genres. Here is the main link to hear the podcast.

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Take care of yourselves and pay for peace on earth. See ya out there!!

Love an music


Joe Deninzon BANDCAMP

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