Joe Deninzon and Stratospheerius: Live Wires

By David Chiu

Joe Deninzon’s virtuosic violin playing adds an elegant grace and down-home spunk to the rest of the musicians’ fusion grooves. On this live album recorded in Erie, Pennsylvania, Deninzon run through several numbers of hot jazz rock, highlighted by some dazzling playing by the members of Stratospheerius (a variation of Stradivarius-get it, Deninzon’a violinist)-guitarist Jake Ezra, bassist Ron Baron, and drummer Luciana Padmore. In additiono to several of his originals, Deninzon’s also does a rip-roaring version of the Simpson’s theme and an acid-funk take on Stevie Wonder’s Contusion. Fusion music may not be everyone’s bag (there is some people out there who revile it), but this album might prove the contrary through the amazing musicianship.