behind_the_curtain cover

After months of teasing all of you, We are happy to announce that the new Stratospheerius single, “Behind the Curtain,” is officially available for streaming and downloading. You can stream it at Reverbnation and download it for a buck on CDBABY and BANDCAMP, and of course, iTunes, Spotify, and anywhere that mp3’s are in orbit. The track was written by Joe Deninzon, and featuresJoe on electric “Viper” violin and vocals, Lucianna Padmore on drums, @Aurelien Budynek on guitar, and @JamieBishop on bass, as well as our secret 5th member Benny Koonyevsky on percussion. Engineered and mastered by the incomparable Rave Tesar, mixed by the incredulous Alex Salzman. Produced by Stratospheerius. Check it out!!!