Ladies and Gentlemen,

I guess fourth time’s the charm. After 3 unsuccessful attempts to film at Bethlehem Steelstax (the first due to liability insurance issues, and the second two due to bad weather), all the stars aligned for us last tuesday and we were finally able to realize our vision and film our video! We had a blast filming in this beautiful surreal industrial landscape and both the cast and crew, although freezing our asses off most of the time, still enjoyed the process and got some amazing footage. The following day, we all assembled at the Hoboken, NJ Loft of our videographer, Bill Hamilton, to film the fire dancer and green screen footage that will accompany the Steelstax footage in the final edit. You can see some photos of our shoot here:


Our thanks to the following people who participated in the production of this video:

Bill Hamilton (director/videographer), Chris Hanson (lighting), Travis Tomlinson (Crue), Joseph Brancatto (crew), Patrick Scullen (crew), Susana Perks (hair and makeup), Dave Silver (Silverpro Entertainment)), Julia and Elana Royter (Phoenix Entertainment), Sylviya (fire dancer). Also Mark Demko and Susan Drexinger at Artsquest for letting us use Steelstax and providing the green room, and Julia Corwin from the Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA. We hope you have all received and are enjoying your prizes and thank you once again for your support. We hope to have this video edited in May and will definitely notify you all as soon as it’s finished.

Happy Spring!


-Joe, Lucy, Aurelien, and Jamie